“Live Scan” Fingerprinting Technology

What Is Electronic “Live Scan” Fingerprinting Technology?

Live Scan is an inkless, electronic means of capturing fingerprints in a digitized format and then transmitting them to the FBI. Previously, fingerprints were taken by applying ink to each finger, then rolling each finger on a fingerprint card. This method was inherently messy and prone to capturing poor image quality. By processing fingerprints electronically, criminal history responses can be provided within a matter of 1-4 hours.

Fingerprints are searched against the FBI criminal database (where applicable).

Live Scan provides the fingerprint technician with the opportunity to retake a print several times to ensure they are capturing the best image quality possible.

Offering The Easiest – Quickest Process For FBI Reports

In Person:

By appointment, we will capture your fingerprints on our Live Scan System which will also have your personal information filled in. After the fingerprinting, we will send directly to our FBI Channeler who will process your background report the same day! The entire process in our office takes about 10 minutes. When finished, you will leave with an on-line access code that will allow you to view your report the same day as well as print an extra copy of it.

Out of Town – Out of State – Out of Country

If you are not available to come in to our office personally, you can send us the following:

  • 1. Send us 2 FBI FD258 Fingerprint cards with your fingerprints on them. DO a Google search for fingerprinters in your area or take the blank cards to a police department.

  • 2. Send us the completed forms which we will email to you.

  • 3. Send us a color copy of your Drivers License or State ID Card

  • 4. Priority Mail or Overnight the above items to us. Once we receive them, we will contact you for payment, go over the process briefly on the telephone and then will process your fingerprints to obtain your FBI Background Report. Once ready, we will contact you to let you know as well as email you an on line access form which will give you a code to use to view your report and print or save to PDF file.

Official Report

Your OFFICIAL FBI Background Report will be sent out to you the same day (Monday-Friday) by USPS 1st Class Mail with a 5-7 day arrival. You may upgrade shipping to USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Day) or FedEx Overnight (by 3pm next business day).

The official report will come on tamper proof, copy proof security paper with the FBI emblem watermarked on the report. This is the copy you will need if you must have the report Apostille Authenticated. We also recommend that you leave the report sealed and un-opened until it gets to the party requesting it. Remember, you can view your report and print an extra copy for yourself from the online access form you were provided.

Reasons We Can Do A FAST Live Scan FBI Background Report For You:

Personal Review/Challenge

Federal regulations mandate that all U.S. Citizens and Permanent Legal Residents have access to their FBI Criminal Report for personal review. You may review your personal “rap sheet” at any time to confirm its accuracy.
If your criminal record contains incorrect information, you should contact the state court or identification bureau that maintains the original record.

Foreign Travel or Work:

Some foreign embassies ask that you provide a copy of your criminal history record when requesting travel authorization. You may utilize the services provided by Dallas Fingerprinting to obtain a copy of your FBI Criminal Report, which can satisfy this requirement.
While everyone prefers to plan international travel well in advance, many busy business travelers know that flying at the last minute goes with the territory. We will provide your FBI Report the fastest so that unscheduled trips can be a reality!

Work or Student Visas

When applying for a Work Visa or Student Visa, some countries require a copy of your criminal history as part of the background investigation.
Using Dallas Fingerprinting to obtain an official copy of your FBI Criminal Report is fast and effortless!

Adoption Requirements

Most states, and some foreign countries, require a complete criminal history check when applying to adopt a child. We will be happy to assist you with this process and get the needed background reports FAST!

Attorney Requests

To ensure proper legal representation, federal regulations allow you to request a copy of your personal criminal history report and have it sent directly to your attorney.

To have your official FBI Criminal Report sent to your attorney’s office, just include a signed Attorney Release Form printed on your attorney’s letterhead.

Challenge Errors and Inaccurate Information

Just like your personal credit report, you have the right to challenge inaccurate information on your FBI Criminal Report and have it corrected.
If your criminal record contains incorrect information, you should contact the state court or identification bureau that maintains the original record.

Court Related Matters

With arrest, conviction and sentencing information from all 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Islands, the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) at the FBI is very busy.

Federal courts report conviction and sentencing information directly to the FBI. State and local courts report their information to a state identification bureau, which is responsible for sending the information to the FBI.

Correcting mistakes and errors can be difficult when dealing with multiple federal, state, county or local agencies. Dallas Fingerprinting can provide you with a copy of your personal FBI Criminal History Report to verify that all corrections have been made and reported to federal authorities.